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Michelin Pilot Road 4 Motorcycle Tyre Package

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Once again Michelin have surpassed themselves in the sport touring segment with the release of the new Pilot Road 4. This latest edition to the Pilot Road family sets a new benchmark that other sport touring tyres could only dream of offering unrivaled grip in the wet* and unbeatable tyre life** offering the end user the best of both worlds!Shorter braking distances on wet surfaces thanks to XST+ (X-Sipe technology) resulting in a safer, more reassuring riding experience.Excellent grip when cornering because of their patented tread pattern and specific tread compounds.Versatile and long-lasting makes this a perfect all round sports touring tyre.This latest generation tyre from Michelin uses their MotoGP derived 2CT technology - This dual compound technology makes it possible to use two distinct rubber compounds to achieve what was once thought impossible a combination of the best wet grip and best mileage. Further improvements over it predecessor sees 2AT Dual Angle Technology for a more stable and comfortable ride. Increased 'even-wear' characteristics and 'life-long performance' courtesy of Michelin's revolutionary XST (X-Sipe Technology) and X-Sipe Technology incorporates patented sipes and integrated water reservoir technology, giving increased water drainage capacity.All these new advances make the Pilot Road 4 ideal for sport tourers and high mileage riding, maximising rider enjoyment and safety from the first to last turn of the tyres life!* Tests conducted for braking on wet surfaces and on slippery surfaces in July of 2013,** Compared to the new MICHELIN Pilot Road 4 tire vs DUNLOP Sportmax Roadsmart II, METZELER<

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